Helping Lost Math Students

Hi Parents/Students, I have started this blog to assist students in math – especially remedial math. In school, not all students have above average IQ to teach themselves; Especially when they miss some classes. Parents may be not available to help.

Math is not a difficult subject if the student has the proper foundation. When you miss a class such as, say multiplying fractions, that may be the missing rung of the ladder to  climb to master math. This is a continuous flowing subject, and when you lose direction, reaching your destination will not be easy.

The best way to learn math is of course with a personal tutor, who can correct the students’ errors or concepts as they occur. I have a website: that strives to elevate the level of  math for students. It includes all the subjects from Times Tables, to Fractions, to Calculus. Can anyone think of  some ways to help students who have lost their way in math? Please contribute.   … Mr. A. Lee